Creating Castles with Minecraft Circles

Creating Castles with Minecraft Circles

Everybody’s romanticized, medieval favorite, and a grand accomplishment to construct, even in Minecracft! Circle based castle layouts. These are a larger endeavor, especially on the Survival servers where you must mine your own materials, and you need that defensive castle more than ever! If you go through the pain of creating it, you’ll want to build it with the simple genius of the medieval times (that doesn’t sound impressive on paper, does it?), simple and effective.

Concentric Walls

A castle usually had a ‘keep’ in the center. This was like a big, glorified guard tower that was the last line of defense. They often built a system of walls, at least one but sometimes as many as three outer walls. This way if one wall was breached they could fall back to an inner wall, and make the enemy practically start all over again!


Moats are just huge trenches surrounding the castle that are full of water. In Minecraft, it’s way easier to swim in armor than in the real world, so it won’t be much more than an historically accurate addition that makes it that much more annoying to attack you.


Just a big wooden bridge for crossing the moat that also often served as one of the doors to the castle walls. Now if you can rig it to actually raise and lower, now that’s impressive!


These were heavy iron gates that were often used in pairs on either side of a narrow passageway in the castle wall. The Porticullis gates served as doors that could be lowered and closed. This could be used to lock in invaders and pepper them with arrows. Not sure how likely you are to trap anyone with a gate, but hey it’s something.


Our previous article on guard towers covers these pretty well, but if it’s not clear enough, you can google it for pictures up the whazoo. But feel free to add trap doors, well timed TNT surprises, and whatever military tactics you can incorporate. You will find that will a bit of thought, you can make your castles just absolutely full of surprises for an siege force.

Hope that is at least a start. You can apply your own brilliance and flair to your Minecraft circle castles, but that will at least get you started and comfortable enough that you have a safe place to sit and think about how to improve it!



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